Anne-Sophie Antoine

I was born in France where I lived and studied at the Sorbonne Nouvelle University Paris III until 2003 when I graduated in English and Spanish (LEA) after spending one year in Finland as an exchange student. Then I decided to study translation in Brussels, Belgium, and graduated from the School of Translators in Brussels in 2007. After that, I moved to Argentina for a year where I started working as a freelance translator. In 2008, I finally settled down in Montreal, Canada, where I have worked since, as both an in-house and freelance translator.

In 2009, I created and since then, I've worked for agencies, individuals and companies such as Bath and Body Works Canada, Etna Interactive and most recently, Euręka! Productions. I am also since 2012 an OTTIAQ Certified Translator.

I also volunteer on an occasional basis for Amnesty International, and as a result I had the opportunity to work on the French subtitling of The Invisibles, a series of 4 documentaries about illegal Mexican migrants entering the U.S., directed by Marc Silver and Gael Garcia Bernal.

Matías Pájaro

I was born in Argentina, where I lived and studied until 2002, when I got my first degree in Communication. Right after that, I got the Agora Foundation Scholarship, from Barcelona, Spain, to attend the Master in Communication Management. Recently, I studied translation in Montreal University.

My work experience relate with languages in many different ways. I worked as an in-house and a freelance journalist, writing all kind of articles, as a Spanish teacher at all levels, and as a translator, doing subtitles for TV series and movies, localizing video games and websites and translating marketing material for Stokke.

I also volunteered as a translator for the French Program Sorosoro, associated to the Chirac Foundation. This Program aims to gather and preserve an audiovisual trace of all spoken languages of the world.